The Integrator serves to connect services to your site hosted in PortoSpire's services. This provides connectivity to various other services you may subscribe to so you can easily share data to and from your site. If you are wanting to integrate with a service that you don't find here: reach out to your Business Developer, send us an email, or submit a request to get the integration in our work queue.

Sync Your Content

Easily share data to and from your site with your other subscribed services. Whether you want to display feeds from your other content channels directly on your site or push teasers of your site's pages to social media we have you covered. Quickly and easily keep all your content in sync with our automated integrations.

Seamlessly Share

Connect to your CRM product to get leads entered automatically when your site's contact form is submitted. Retrieve reviews and comments your visitors have left on other services and display them right on your site. The possibilities are endless for how you can exchange data between your connected services.

Build Your Flow

Connect your services together with your site and build your automated flows. Customize where your data comes from and goes to reduce manual data entry across all your connected services. Clearly see where your data sources and data processing is taking place throughout your automated flows.


Connect your site to the popular open source customer relationship management (CRM) tool SuiteCRM. Create new leads directly in SuiteCRM when visitors submit your contact form or when a new contact is shared from another connected service.


Our integration with Facebook can connect your Facebook page to your site. We can accept your Facebook ad campaign lead form submissions on your behalf automatically.

Can't Find It

We are working to add new integrations to other services all the time. If you have a service you would like to have integrated with your site that we do not currently offer, let us know. We would love to help you get more done through automation. Let us know by submitting a request right away.